Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Three Nameless Statues

It has come to the attention of Jammers that the statues being sold in Temple of Zios DO NOT have names!
Shouldn't they have their shamans names?Like Peck,Graham,and Lizea for example names on their statues?
If you believe that AJ should change this send a howl,e-mail AJ,send a picture to AJ describing what you want them to know,anything you could think of to help.If we don't help this,who will?Animal Jam might not ever think Jammers want some various things back to normal...For further information press the following link to go to Snowyclaw's blog where he posted about this Mission! :

Thank you,and hope your summer is the greatest summer you have ever had!

Sincerely -Margo00

Clothing Items and Den Items you would really like has come!

Hey Jammers!
There is a really great clothing available at Epic Wonders (Coral Canyons)

And Also the Pet Igloo Den is here!Perfect for Penguins ready for freezy time with their pets!


Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey Jammers,I'm really sorry about this late post but here it is.
Yesterday I received this message from AJ

The video in the Conservation Museum is located in the monkeys section.
All Jammers should watch the video as well.

You can also donate gems to the Donation Booth located also in the Conservation Museum by the door.

Note:Please feel free to tell me of your ideas for my blog

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

News Items and Findings

 Hey Jammers
There is a new item in Sunken Treasures!
It is an Octopus Chair

There is also a new item in the clothing store in Summer Carnival as well

Though many Jammers know about this queer thing,other Jammers do not.
When you hop on the "Bunnies Only Party" Drums Peck Statues tend to rise up!
Spooky Cool huh?

I hope everyone is having a great summer!