Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monkeys not in Jamaa.

Hey Jammers!
As many Jammers have noticed,monkeys have been labeled "ENDANGERED" and you can no longer purchase a monkey avatar!I'm very sure that alot of Jammers miss the monkeys coming and going around Jamaa!I have been doing some research on monkeys,and their really being ENDANGERED in real life!


You should read about the monkeys in the Conservatory in Aponndale Jammers :)
Maybe donate some gems to,to bring back monkeys to Jamaa!

See ya Jammers!:D

Late posting today

Hey Jammers!
I'm very sorry for this late update,I have been busy going to a church service!
Well,lets get cracking here!:D

Heres a screenshot from Snowyclaw's blog (Animal Jam Spirit).I couldn't get a snapshot of it since I'm not a member.

I checked out Daily Explorer and their really getting alot of posts done!:)

This isn't a Passion Story Contest but just something you can have fun doing and use your creativity!
Starter Questions:
Who do you think this is?Can you guess?:)
Who do you think carved this?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Passion Art

Hey Jammers!
I just created a new page so you can go straight to Passion Art!:D
You can check it out by click "Animal Jam Passion Art" on the right side of the blog

Or go straight to the Passion Art Page by going to  clicking here : Animal Jam Passion Art

Thanks so much Jammers for supporting Animal Jam Passion!!!

Hanging Vines

Hey Jammers!
New Den Item is here in Jamaa!
Hanging Vines!:D  Though I don't think I can hang on these,these are awesome decoration for those Jammers around the world who love their den random yet comfy,and anciently epic!

I noticed that there are Clearance Items in the Jam Mart Furniture Shop as well.So be sure to purchase these items before their all gone Jammers!

Note:If you havn't checked the Animal Jam Passion Contests Page yet and entered the second Passion Contest please feel free to enter!The Passion Contest will finish today,if you enter tomorrow you will not be eligible for the Passion Contest,sorry!Good Luck Jammers!:)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunflower Lamp is here

Today there is a new den item in Jam Mart Furniture!
SunFlower Lamp!It's pretty cool,modern yet nature-ful!!!

It was assumed by many that the AJ Plaque was given to the winner of the News Crew Contest!But it is said that it was out before the News Crew made the contest!So how did this Plaque get here?!
Do you know?I'm going to e-mail AJHQ and ask about this.

Note:There will be a new Passion Contest so be sure to check the Animal Jam Passion Contests' Page Jammers!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stegosaurus Armor

New Item at Summer Carnival,Stegosaurus Armor!

Guess thats' it for today though!

Also there are no updates on AJ's blog,Daily Explorer

Note:Check out the Animal Jam Passion Contest's Page.
Find out the most recent Passion Contest Winner!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back but no update,it will SOON come!

Hey Jammers!
I'm very sorry for not posting any updates on AJ!As I announced on my other post,I have been vacationing and now am back!:D
Just wanted to let you Jammers know that I will be posting AJ Updates soon enough.

Note:Check out the AJP Passion Contests Page to see who the winner was of the first Passion Contest!