Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Items in Jamaa!

Here are the new items today!
Hope everyone likes them!

First is,the Zios Fountain! Pretty epic!(It looks ancient right?awesome)

There are also continuing sales at the Summer Carnival!!!

I'm happy to say that AJ heard us!They named the penguin statue!

But still no name for the Giraffe Statue,but I'm sure AJ will give it a name soon!:)

Den Contest also is here!Jammers can send in drawings of the den they would like!
Epic!Good Luck Jammers!


I guess Daily Explorer has a new update going along with the new things now in Jamaa!:)

Thats it for today!(sorry for not posting more,I have been very busy packing!)

Note:I might not be posting for a few days,because I am vacationing to a city.I can't guarantee that I won't be posting those days I'm vacationing though.I might sneak in some time to comment when I can(and of course post new updates!)See ya later Jammers!

Epic New Things in Jamaa!Amazing

First up is...Turtles!Yay!The long wait was worth it,the turtles look awesome!

And along with the turtles are the Pets Only Party

The Monthly Member Gift is here!
Golden Phantom Statue!They come in different kinds of Phantoms as well.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Late Update

Late update here Jammers.So sorry about this,I have been very busy because I have been getting ready to go vacationing for a few days.Anyway lets start on the update!

Racoon Tails in Summer Carnival,Clothing Items.

I think that was it for today though.(Such a short update huh?Sorry about that!

Note:New Gadget added to AJP!You can now go straight to the AJP Contests!
"Click"  Animal Jam Passion Contests to go to the Passion Contests!(It's located on the right side of the blog and under the " Recent Posts you might like." (Theres a new contest available on AJP Contests!)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fridge and Sandy Sea Shells

There is a new item available at Jam Mart Furniture!
A Fridge made out of wood!Pretty naturistic and modern as well,and epic if you ask me.
It really blends in with the mailbox and Cleverclaws Dresser huh?
Maybe AJ will continue making den items like these.:)

In Sunken Treasures(located in Kani Kove) is Sandy Seashells.
Pretty awesome shells,they go perfect with the  Lost Ruins or Sunken Ship Den.

Note:Were starting to get some more Followers and views on AJP!
Thanks so much Jammers,your all very epic Jammers!
You know what they say " Jam on!" :D

Passion Story Contest

Hey Jammers!
Here's the first AJP Passion Story Contest!
Good Luck Jammers.:)

Who do you think this is?
Who do you think he was?
Was he one of Greely's Ancestors'?
Write a story about this mysterious wolf!

Good Luck Jammers!:D