Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainbow Scales and New Cursor for AJP

Hey Jammers!
Long time no post huh?Well,sorry about that!I had a very VERY big church gathering and getting ready for High School tomorrow!:)
So sorry about that Jammers!Lets see whats up in AJ shall we?

Rainbow Scales?In Bahari Bay,yep thats right!!!Pawesome member clothing item!:D
It makes many sea creatures,mainly the seals and penguins look like live fish swimming around the bottom ocean!:D (Something I'v seen in Bahari Bay and the other two ocean lands on AJ,creative minds Jammers!)

Have you noticed the new fox cursor on AJP?:)
I hope you like it Jammers!Every few times I will change the cursor to another nifty animal!:D
On some future contests you will be able to pick what would you like for the cursors so stay tuned!:)

Note:I will be posting up some information on the Parties page.What kind of party ya wanna know?
SHAMAN WELCOME PARTY!:D It will be held a day or few after shamans arrive back from their long tiresome yet adventurous journey!:D

@Thank you for all your support Jammers!