Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fridge and Sandy Sea Shells

There is a new item available at Jam Mart Furniture!
A Fridge made out of wood!Pretty naturistic and modern as well,and epic if you ask me.
It really blends in with the mailbox and Cleverclaws Dresser huh?
Maybe AJ will continue making den items like these.:)

In Sunken Treasures(located in Kani Kove) is Sandy Seashells.
Pretty awesome shells,they go perfect with the  Lost Ruins or Sunken Ship Den.

Note:Were starting to get some more Followers and views on AJP!
Thanks so much Jammers,your all very epic Jammers!
You know what they say " Jam on!" :D


  1. Hey Likiroe! I checked out your blog and it's great! I think I will visit it more and more.
    Nobody is reading my blog too, so if you want to you can check it out. See you around in Jammaa! :)

  2. Sure,I'd love to check out your blog....Can I have a link or url to it please?

  3. Yea, sure you can.


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