Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunflower Lamp is here

Today there is a new den item in Jam Mart Furniture!
SunFlower Lamp!It's pretty cool,modern yet nature-ful!!!

It was assumed by many that the AJ Plaque was given to the winner of the News Crew Contest!But it is said that it was out before the News Crew made the contest!So how did this Plaque get here?!
Do you know?I'm going to e-mail AJHQ and ask about this.

Note:There will be a new Passion Contest so be sure to check the Animal Jam Passion Contests' Page Jammers!


  1. Waste of gems. When u turn it on its really cheesy

    1. Really?I never saw it on before...
      I just like how it's modern yet nature-ful.xD
      But if it's on...I guess it would look a bit cheesy!

    2. to me i got it it,s alright i put it in my garden and it just looked random when it was on XD

    3. Lol.Random?For some reason I tend to like random.You never know what comes next with random right?^_^

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe AJHQ just MIGHT make a cool,epic den item for non-members.We just need AJHQ to notice that.:)
      I guess they made it like that so their would be more Jammers who buy membership,but it's still worth it.The money we use to buy membership helps real animals!:D


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