Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hey Jammers!
If you haven't logged on AJ than your in for a BIG surprise!

First the den will be...
Enchanted Hollow Den!AND it's going to be underground!:D EPIC
It will be coming to Jamaa on the 18th!

Next.Sea Turtles are the FIRST pets to go underwater!Awesome idea!:)
Notice that it said FIRST,meaning other pets will soon be following into the water world in Jamaa!

It doesn't end there Jammers,there's also a new game in Summer Carnival!So go play it before summer is out!:)

Now the thing that we want back...Now what was it?MONKEYS!Were so CLOSE to our goal Jammers!
Keep on donating,were almost there thanks to everyone!:D

Notice that you are now able to donate up to 5,000 gems at one time now.:)

New change in My Settings!:D It's a great idea,I myself find this useful.Do you?

NOW.FOR THE BIG AND MOST EXCITING THING!SHAMANS ARE ALMOST HOME!!!WOW,THIS IS SUCH GREAT NEWS!!!This calls for a Shaman Welcome Party!I will later post about the party!:D  Till than,I'll try to keep up with when Shamans will come!Lets hope we can meet them all at once!!!!!!:D

Note:I noticed we have reached over 1,000 views on Animal Jam Passion.
Thank you so much Jammers for your tremendous support of this blog,keep on Jamming!


  1. That's awesome news , but any new items ?

    1. Yep.I posted about it,lol.:)
      I'm in catrox's den at the moment and the Enchanted Hollow is an epic den!:D


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