Monday, August 13, 2012

Passion Chat is here

Hey Jammers!
Since I couldn't get in some new updates about AJ I felt I owed you Jammers a new change in AJP!
If you have noticed,I added an chatroll to AJP,now you can chat with other Jammers all around the world!
The chatroll is located on the right of this blog.:)

I hope you Jammers like the new change in AJP!
Happy Jamming to you all!


  1. It's really cool! I don't really get around in my blog. I must look around a little bit better with those gadgets and things like that. :)

  2. Lol,I myself actually like the new chat page!xD
    I intend to be on it as often as I can in the future time of my blogging time!:D
    P.S.-Your blog is still pawsomely epic!Jammers Truth!


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