Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goth Clan/Club

Hey Jammers!:)
It's me Likiroe,today I made a photo collage of the Goth Clan Members.:)
First I'll talk about all the Goth Clan Members.:D

Leader of Goth Clan : Expert30484,is the leader of the Goth Clan!He is a trustworthy leader,brave and fast!He is a skilled Jammer as well,who sacrifices for his fellow clan members!:D
His G Clan(my new nickname for Goth Clan) name is "DANGER"

G Clan Member:Prince FastWolf may not look so mad at first.BUT if you make him mad,beware!He turns into a monster!He also is a skilled warrior of G Clan!
His G Clan name is "FLAME"

G Clan Member:Magical FastSpirit,a bit of a quiet Jammer.Though he may be very quiet,he is extremely fast and a brave G Clan Member!
His G Clan name is "BLACKCLAW"

G Clan Member:Gorgeous Cutegirl has a very good sense of smell,so please be aware of that!Not only does she have that special skill she is fast,brave,and clever!
Her G Clan Member name is "BLACKFLAME"

G Clan Member:Lastly I,Little BraveSpirit am a curious and adventurous Jammer.Though I'm not fast,clever,or a skilled warrior I try to do my best with all of my might for G Clan.I also am an outgoing Jammer,so you might see me ANYWHERE around Jamaa!xD
My G Clan name is Liki

P.S.-You might read this and think "Goth Clan?"wow....
But you mgiht see us and read these pieces about us,and I'm thinking...ALL of us Jammers are all unique,making us all great and special in are own way!Take a look around Jamaa,there isn't a Jammer out there thats the same,were all unique.:D

Note:Here is a descriptive note from the Leader of G Clan:
Hey Jammers! I made a clan. It's called Goth clan. There aren't many members in it, so if you want you can join the clan. Our territory is Temple of Zios because it's dark and it goes with our stile. We called it Goth clan because we want people to respect people that are different. If you're a goth, it doesn't mean that your all dark.


  1. Wow! Thanks Likiroe! I'm sure that our clan will become more and more famous. :D

    1. Your welcome.I made it to at least help it out since I wasn't there our first G Clan day.:)

  2. I'd join but I'm already in a Clan. Good luck on making it bigger!

  3. Hi Patrick!I found your blog,FINALLY!!!
    Lol,you play Animal Jam????!!!!Wow!
    Shouldn't you be getting ready for Junior in High School?!
    Lol bro!
    Anyway,your blog is still awesome
    P.S.-Come to homecoming this year ok?None of that "I can't.I have things to do"ok?:)
    #im so random

    1. Delaney,hahaha.Your not really supposed to comment and show that I'm in High School!But it's ok...
      And thanks :)

  4. GOTH?! D: please tell me this is a dream....

    1. Yep,it's Goth Clan.:D
      It isn't a dream though,it's real!Want to join?:)

    2. No, no thanks. I really despise clans because to me they just bring more violence and fighting to Jamaa, and I don't like the sound of it being goth....

    3. Hmm.Ok.
      It's always your choice.:)
      I'm in it but I'm not going to fight in battles.I will rather be a jammer that tries to at least create peace with other clans.:)
      You just helped me to find out what I want to be in Goth Clan.
      In the saying of Goth,I'm not one.But I though I'd just join.:)


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